Church Rewired Series

"As Christians, we can get used to throwing clichés, metaphors, and even scriptures at those around us.  Our intentions may be right, but does it hurt more than help?  In this series, we'll untangle the mess of churchy jargon and find new ways to put actions to our words."


Sept 13

"Jesus Loves You"


Sept 20

"Just Have More Faith"


Sept 27

"I’m Praying for You"


Oct 4

"God Is On The Throne"


Oct 11

"God Told Me…"


Oct 18

"God is Testing You"


Oct 25

"He Never Gives Us More Than We Can Handle"


Nov 1

"Forgive and Forget"


Nov 8

"God Works All Things For Good"


Nov 15

"God’s Timing is Perfect"


Nov 22

"Extend Some Grace"

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