Through this week of prayer and fasting let us begin to pray into the areas in our lives that have not fully bought in with Jesus.  Jesus does not want part of us, He wants all of us. As Christians we need to “buy in” and live “all in”. This is God’s desire for us. So join us this week as we press into Jesus through a time of prayer and fasting and watch Him bring us from “partially” in to “all in”. The time to “buy in” is now!


 Monday, February 3

Congregational Prayer 6:30 pm

Imagine you could ask the most powerful person in the world to do something on your behalf...would you ask?  Of course you would.  Well the good news is that we do have access to the Most Powerful One.  He promises to work on our behalf.  The question is, “are we asking?”  Tonight is about asking Him to bring us to a deeper level as we follow Him.  Let’s ask together tonight at 6:30 pm!


Tuesday, February 4

Prayer Walks & Rides 6:30 pm

(or as your group schedules)

Tonight we go out into the highways and byways as we’ll be praying for our neighborhoods, communities and cities in prayer teams.  You can go out as families, friends or small groups.  You can walk or ride along in a car - the important thing is to pray.  Meet at the church at 6:30 pm if you’d like to join another group.


Wednesday, February 5

Youth & Children Prayer Night 6:30 pm

Tonight we’ll gather as families.  This will be a great night of praying for one another...parents for children AND children for parents.  So please mark this night as a  special family time, and remember if you are a part of the Bridgewood are family!  So everyone is invited!!


Thursday, February 6

Personal Prayer & Reflection 9am-7pm

Today is an opportunity to take some personal time to be with God.  The church will be open from 9 am to 7 pm with various prayer stations set up.  Each station will provide a space for you to think and pray through what this year may hold for you.


Friday, February 7

Worship & Prayer 6:30 pm


Tonight we as a congregation are going to give thanks to God for His splendor and majesty, worshipping Him with reckless abandon! We are going to sing with such passion and faith that the foundations of the earth will shake! Join us as we close out our week of prayer and fasting by worshipping and celebrating our God in spirit and in truth. Praise the Lord!

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