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Graphic Design

This group of pixel pushers love to create imagery. These designers help create graphic support for different ministries, branding, and logos.



A picture is worth a thousand words, and members of this team have an eye for photos that make every one of those words about Jesus and His love, from capturing a new believer’s baptism, to snapping a shot of a smiling family at Easter.


Social Media

Twitter. Facebook. Table Project. Status updates, #hashtags, and check-ins. These are the tools this team uses to serve BCC. From responding to FB posts, to tweeting info on a BCC event, these team members are on the front lines of BCC’s web presence.


Video Production

Lights, camera, action! This team is in charge of setting the stage for all of BCC's recorded material, from worship services, small group content, testimonies, video announcements, to short video skits and dramas. Once the set is all ready to go, members of this team jump behind the camera and get all of the action on film.


Video Post Production

(Editing & Motion Graphics)

Editing is about telling the best story possible. Using programs such as Final Cut Pro and After Effects, these team members take pride in combining footage, music, and animation to put the Good News on display.


Web Design

Do you work with Photoshop, HTML, graphics?  We need help to generate and maintain the creative look and feel of the BCC website.


Web Programmer

Looking for people who are kings and queens of code. They’re fluent in PHP, C# and/or SQL. They use platforms like Wordpress, .NET MVC, and JQuery to work their magic, creating the basis for the amazing web-based technology that can bless the BCC community every day.


Website Administration

Need help to update the website with the latest & greatest, from uploading message podcasts, series resources, to updating existing content. No programming or design experience is necessary!

Tuesday 9:30am - 4:30pm

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